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GameCredits Bittrex

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Attention to everyone who is addicted to games and cryptocurrency trading: from now, you can find GameCredits on Bittrex!

Transactions and payments have become easier and more profitable.

Earn, invest and use the currency with no delays and losses!

What does GameCredits represent?

GameCredits is a cryptocurrency that opens a free monetization platform for those who:

  • is engaged in games (players);
  • develops video games.

Never before the game payments were that easy, fast and problem-free:

  • Why easy? Everyone can use it;
  • Why fast? It takes 1-1,5 min for transaction;
  • Why problem-free? There won’t be obstacles during the payment processing.

In fact, GameCredits is the first gaming token that has free open source and universal meaning.

The project was founded in 2016. Not long time ago? Quite enough for involving many other serious projects and companies in it. So it’s not a beginner!

Launch of more than 500 games that can’t be imagined without GameCredits today.

It’s a solution that:

  • accelerates the game development;
  • makes the playing process more reliable, safe and available.

Taking into consideration the currently observed mobile gaming boom the potential of this token looks very promising. Project’s participants are experienced experts in gaming industry and blockchain technologies.

Millions of players are interested in esports and GameCredits wants to provide an ecosystem that will satisfy this interest. With already 500+ supported games and its own token MGO the team builds the solid esports platform that will be able to join developers, gamers, publishers and esportsmen — the audience counting over 2.5 bln users.

The long-term partnership of GameCredits Inc with Microsoft is a clear indicator of how serious and perspective this project is.

The release of 5 credit cards (the worldwide types) and quick implementation of PayPal is another evidence of its reliability.

Do you still have doubts?

Price of GameCredits

Below you can see the dynamics of GameCredits’ prices.

Just analyze how profitable and usable it can be.

Visit Bittrex and take your significant benefits! The integration of GameCredits into the digital infrastructure can go with your participation.

It looks very interesting, right?

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